Campaign Finance Reports

When a candidate decides to run for a City Council Member position, they are required by the Texas Ethics Commission to appoint a Campaign Treasurer and if they spend or receive more than $930, report revenue and expenditures at certain times throughout the campaign or for as long as they keep their account open. The reports are filed with the City Secretary and are open to the public. Certain personal information is confidential per the Texas Public Information Act and redacted in the reports below.

Local filers who must file with a Local Authority include those running for and/or holding an office that may include county, city offices (mayor, council member, etc.), or political subdivision offices, and all Specific-Purpose PACs that support or oppose any of these candidate/officeholders or that support or oppose a measure in a local election.

Candidate Reports

Click on the year and person to see submitted Texas Ethics Commission Appointment of Campaign Treasurer and Financial Reports. To request additional candidate information, please refer to our Open Records Request page.