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City Proclamation Form

The Mayor of Humble issues proclamations for special community events and significant achievements of local organizations and individuals in Humble.

The public is encouraged to submit a proclamation request for citizens, non-profit organizations, to honor occasions of importance and significance, and to increase public awareness on issues that improve the wellbeing of the citizens of the City of Humble.

Proclamations are usually presented at City Council meetings on the second and fourth Thursdays. Normally one copy of the proclamation is provided. There is no charge for this service. Additional copies are $5.00 each.

Proclamations are NOT issued for profit-making activities or to promote specific religious beliefs, candidates, or political organizations.

Requests for a City proclamation must be submitted ten (10) business days prior to the date needed. If you need more information about arranging for a proclamation, please contact the Office of the City Secretary at 281-446-3061 or

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