City Secretary's Office

Office of the City Secretary

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The City of Humble City Secretary’s Office are Texas Registered Municipal Clerks who administer thorough elections with the highest integrity. Similar to the Texas Secretary of State, the City Secretary’s Office performs as the secretariat to the City of Humble and takes pride in all job-related functions and responsibilities.

The City Secretary reports to the City Manager and is a statutory position required by State law and the City Charter. In addition to the statutory duties of the position, the City Secretary serves as director of the City Secretary Department consisting of the City Secretary Office, Records Management, and Public Information Office.

Other duties include alcohol permits, City Council legislation, recording of Council Meetings, administering the official City Seal, and providing staff support and guidance to the City Council regarding the Open Meetings Act.

The City Secretary’s Office serves as a resource for citizens and a link between citizens and the City Council.


The mission of the City Secretary’s Department is to support, facilitate and strengthen the City of Humble governmental process by:

  • Serving as historian for the City of Humble
  • Assisting the City Council in fulfilling its duties and responsibilities
  • Improving the public access to municipal records and other information and oversee the Public Information Request process in accordance with state law
  • Enhancing public participation in municipal government processes
  • Safeguarding the municipal elections and records management processes
  • Providing continuity for Humble city government by recording its legislative actions, both contemporary and archival
  • Providing daily assistance to all administrative departments of the City of Humble government
  • Processing of alcoholic beverage license applications, in compliance with the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission

Have questions?

Contact the City Secretary’s Office at or call 281-446-3061.