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City of Humble Elections

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the signature requirement and candidate filing fee to run for the Mayor or City Council Member seats?

The City of Humble has no signature requirement or candidate filing fee to run for any elected position.

When will the election packet be made available to the public?

The election packet will be posted to this election page in January of each election year.

How do I get my name on the ballot?

File with the City Secretary the Application for Place on the ___ General Election Ballot during the filing period.

What places will be on the ballot and how long are the terms?

The terms of office for Mayor, Council Member Place No. One, and Council Member Place No. Two shall commence in odd numbered calendar years.

The terms of office for Council Member Place No. Three, Council Member Place No. Four, and Council Member Place No. Five shall commence in even numbered calendar years.

The terms of office of all elected officers shall be for a period of two years, or until their successors are duly qualified.

Are the different council places related to physical locations? Do I have to live in a certain area of the city to run in a specific place?

No, all the places are at-large meaning anywhere within the municipal boundaries of the City of Humble.
View the City of Humble GIS map from here.

How would I know if I am a resident of the City of Humble?

As the Humble Post Office services a large area, you may have a “Humble” address and not live within the municipal boundaries of the City of Humble. To verify, you may access the Harris County Appraisal District webpage, select “Search By Address” from this page, and search your address to determine if the “City of Humble” is listed under the “Jurisdictions” section.

If so, you are a City of Humble resident, paying municipal taxes, and eligible to submit your application for the Mayoral or City Council seats as long as you meet the eligibility requirements outlined in the Texas Election Code and the City of Humble Charter.

If the City of Humble is not listed under the “Jurisdictions” section on the HCAD Property Quick Search, you are not paying municipal taxes to the City of Humble and your application will be rejected by the City Secretary as it will not meet the residency requirements to run for a municipal elected position.

To whom do I file my candidate application to?

You may submit your candidate application to the City Secretary using one of the following methods during the filing period for the May uniform election date:

  • In person: City of Humble City Hall, 114 W. Higgins St., Humble, Texas, between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday
  • Email:
  • By mail to: City of Humble, Attention Maria Jackson, 114 W. Higgins St., Humble, Texas 77338

When can I file my candidate application?

The notice of deadline to file applications for a place on the ballot will be posted to this election page each December with the January through February filing dates and times. The Secretary of State’s important dates may also be accessed from here.

How often does council meet, where, and what time?

The city council shall hold at least one regular monthly meeting and the mayor or three councilmembers may call as many special meetings as may be necessary to attend to the municipal business.

City Council regular council meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. They are normally held at the City of Humble City Hall in the Council Chambers at 6:30 p.m. There are several times during the year that special council meetings are held, usually on an as needed basis.

What are the duties of the Mayor and City Council?

  • Members have a duty to vote on every question decided at Council meetings.
  • Members have a right to speak, make motions, introduce new ordinances, and amend existing
    ordinances when recognized by the Mayor.
  • Members should attend all meetings and are expected to be on time.
  • Members should be prepared and should read the agenda packet prior to the meeting
  • Members should be committed to being fair, unbiased and open-minded.
  • Members should be involved and visible in the community and its activities.
  • Members are expected to be courteous to each other and to the staff.
  • Staff sees Council as a singular body –not plural. Council members have no individual authority.

When may candidate political signs be posted and removed throughout the City of Humble?

It is an offense for any person to leave any electioneering sign or literature on city-owned or -controlled property that is used as a polling place other than during the period beginning on 6:00 p.m. before the voting period begins and ending forty-eight (48) hours after the voting period ends.

In the event there is a runoff election, the runoff election candidates political signs may continue to stay posted and must be removed no later than forty-eight (48) hours after the voting period ends for the runoff election.

Where can citizens report concerns about signage?

Political Sign placement concerns must be reported to the City’s Code Enforcement Division at 281-446-3061. The City Secretary’s Office will not report political sign placement concerns to the City’s Code Enforcement Division. Should you have political sign placement concerns, you will be responsible for notifying the City’s Code Enforcement Division.

Political Sign wording concerns must be directed to the Texas Ethics Commission (TEC) at (512) 463-5800, or online at

If you have questions, please contact the City Secretary, Maria Jackson, at or call 281-446-3061.