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Public Information Request

Public Information

The Texas Public Information Act gives the public the right to request access to government information. The Act is triggered when a person submits a written request to a governmental body. The request must ask for records or information already in existence.

The Act does not require a governmental body to create new information, to do legal research, to answer questions or comply with a continuing request to supply information on a periodic basis. The City of Humble may however ask for clarification if it is uncertain as to what is being requested. Some records of the City of Humble may be exempt from disclosure.

The City Secretary’s Office enhances communication between the City of Humble and its citizens by being the point of contact in responding to Public Information Requests. To promote transparency and provide excellent customer service, many documents that are frequently requested are regularly posted on our website.

We encourage you to explore our website to find the documents you are requesting. This is the fastest way to access your documents, and it will save you time, as you may choose to view and print the documents you need.

When making a request for public information, please keep in mind that some information may accrue a cost to process. Should the office determine that your request will be in excess of $40 a cost estimate will be provided to you. For more information about the Public Information Act (PDF), please visit the Texas Attorney General’s website.

Upon receipt, the City will begin processing your request in the order received.

Have questions?

Contact the City Secretary’s Office at or call 281-446-3061.